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The 100

Ok, so who has time to do anything? We're parents! Let alone trying to disciple our kids, right? Wrong. Haha. Although time is something that's always slipping away from us, and our hopes do tend to be bigger than our actions - there are ways you can add discipleship into your life without adding anything extra into your life. What on earth do I mean?

Well, I've decided to compile a list of 100 normal things you do in life, that you can super easily turn into a discipleship moment. You're already doing these things - so it's nothing extra. It's just turning them into discipleship moments. And there are 100 of them! It's called the 100. Below is a list of all the current posts in the 100:

1. Rain 2. Handwashing 3. Phone Calls 4. Waking Up 5. Putting on Shoes 6. Neighbours 7. Fire 8. Balloons 9. Music 10. I am Australian

Find them here

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