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The Family Scripture Memory is a system designed for families to learn and memorise Bible Verses. Taking profound, yet easy to learn, verses, it utilises a range of tested memory techniques to engage families in the process of memorisation. The verses are simple enough for speaking 2-year-olds to learn, while being incredibly useful for their parents to learn as well. The Family Scripture Memory system uses 7 different elements which combine to create the premier family scripture memory system. It includes pictures, songs, videos and more. See the method page for more information.


There are 5 verses in each pack and come with all the resources - some physical and some digital. You can use it simply as a memorisation tool, or use it as a resource to spend a week or 2 taking your family through each verse in depth. There are enough elements that this resource really can have a massive impact on your family. Currently the first 3 packs are for sale, and more are in production. But if you buy them in bundles, you will save!

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