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Risen Motherhood

Ok mums – this one is for you. I have been aware of the Risen Motherhood podcast for quite some time now, and am aware of a number of mums who have found it really helpful. So I decided to check out their book. You’ll never guess what it’s called. Risen Motherhood. Nailed it. Anywho, obviously I didn’t read the book like a chump – I listened to the audiobook. (Actually I love reading books. I do that too! But seriously, if you haven’t gotten onto Audible yet, check out this post).

Now needless to say, I’m not a very good mum. Goodness, I’m not even a mum at all! I’m a dad. So what on earth am I doing listening to a book called Risen Motherhood? Fair question. Well firstly, I’m well aware that there are lots of mums on the lookout for good material, so I thought I’d save you some of the legwork of sifting through not-so-great books and just recommend the top shelf ones. And secondly, well, umm, ok it’s just one reason. Refer to reason 1 for said reason.

So I listened to this book over 2 days while in the car working. (I love listening to 2x or 2.5x speed. My wife hates it. Choose your own speed adventure). And what can I say? I loved it. Easy to read/listen. Refreshingly honest and realistic. Theologically on point. Now that is an incredibly rare combo. Particularly from chapter 4 it gets super practical. Here are the 4 big things I loved:

The Gospel applied to mums

One of the key ways they apply the gospel to mums, is by reminding you that you don’t need to be all that. Jesus is all that. But they do this with marvellous honesty about their real life experiences. It’s beautiful. It is such a good and healthy read for someone suffering from mum “guilt” – AKA every single one of you! And yet at the same time, while they don’t critique you for imperfection, they super helpfully push you to mum in the way Jesus would have you do it. They strike a really helpful balance.

Critique of Mumma Culture

It is so hard to be a mum and not feel all the pressure of “mumma culture”. The world screams at you that you need to look a certain way, act a certain way, protect your kids in a certain way and be a certain way. One thing this book does excellently is to critique this culture and remind you again and again of God’s values, and how he would have you mother. It keeps coming back to the gospel as the lens through which to view everything.

Super Practical

This is one practical book. For all the little moments of life. In the trenches. It doesn’t give a grand vision of perfect motherhood that is inspiring and unrealistic. It gets down and dirty (like all mums with little kids have to do every single day) and speaks into that situation. The encouragement to be in the Bible is realistic, hopeful and gracious. It will have a real, actual impact on your parenting just from reading (or listening!).

By mums for mums

It is written by 2 mums having a crack. They are friends/sister-in-laws and in their parenting struggles they started just talking about how to be Christian mums and parent with a gospel mindset. This book is the fruit of their thinking and discussions. I think this is super inspiring for mums out there. Find another mum and just start chatting through how you turn changing nappies, crazy tantrums and another unappreciated meal into moments to live out your Christian life.

**If you feel like you don’t have any other mums to talk to, please drop me a line and I can hook you up with someone!

So, if you’re up for some sweet times of honest and godly parenting, get into this great read (or listen).

Quick Links to get the book

Here are your different options (I’ve looked around for best deals):

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the book. Leave a comment and let me know.


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