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Memory Verse – John 3:36

Getting most things stuck in your head is downright annoying! Particularly annoying songs (Wiggles much?). Although as an aside, I find that singing the song Blue is my silver bullet for getting any song unstuck from my brain… But, getting scripture stuck in our heads is awesome! And for kids, what better thing to get stuck in their minds! Songs are hands down the best way to learn memory verse.

And those memory verse songs also happen to be super helpful for parents too! (Although, stay tuned, because I have a mate who is currently working on an album of adult memory verse songs that will fit less into that annoying category).

Now, I’ve got some good friends who like to help us out with memory verse songs. The first one is Chuck Itaway – Country Music Superstar. Here he is sharing his song of the incredible verse John 3:36.


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