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Have You Ever Thought About Audiobooks?

What parent has time to read? Well there are some. Some people love reading, are fast at it, have energy for it, and somehow (superhumanly I tell you!) fit reading into their lives. But for most of us, if we get through half a page of a book without falling asleep, being interrupted, losing our train of thought or deciding we need to eat a whole block of chocolate (I’m thinking of this one right now) – then it is likely we will wake up from a ridiculous dream that also included unicorns and children that listened to us perfectly.

But fear not – there is hope for us. And it comes in the form of audiobooks. Now, usually when I hear about this kind of recommendation, I’m a little sceptical to say the least. But the benefits I’ve gained from listening to audiobooks have been absolutely huge. I began listening to random podcasts that were fun and good for just growing me as a human. Think Tim Ferris. This was good for me. And the best thing was that I could listen while driving (without the kids), or mowing, or exercising etc. And for me, I find it easy to follow, and easier to remember than from reading.

I thought that I’d dabble in listening to audiobooks, but of course that would be expensive right?

Haha. Seriously. When I came across Audible’s membership I was surprised at the low cost (which has sadly gone up a little). It is currently $16.45/month. Now that might not sound super cheap to you. But look at the list of monthly benefits:

  1. 1 free audiobook (you get a credit each month)

  2. All other audiobooks cost $14.95 – regardless of their actual price

  3. A whole catalogue of free audiobooks

  4. Heaps of podcasts

  5. Over 100 free kids books that are on rotation

Now that’s pretty good so far. But the thing that gets you in is your first month. Because it’s free! Completely free. Just like Netflix and any other streaming service, they give you the first month for free. And since a you get a credit each month – you get a free audiobook, for free! And as you can cancel at any point without cost, there is nothing to lose when trying it out.

But wait, there’s more.

The perk that clinches the deal for me

When you buy and download an Audiobook you get to keep it – even after you cancel your membership. This is great news. Because it means you can stop and restart your subscription whenever you like. (And they love giving you some sweet deals in credit form when you go to cancel as well!)

The audiobooks will be far more gratifying than netflix. Well some of them. But you’ve got great Christian, non-fiction and fiction titles. As we go on we will be giving suggestions of good audiobooks to listen to, to help give you some direction.

But the real cash value is that you can get some content input as a parent, whereas before you might have had no time or energy. Why not sign up for a free trial now and sus it out? Just click the pic below!


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