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Get Your Christmas Off (3)

So Christmas is done. It was 6 days ago. That means that kids are tired, presents are already broken and you've probably lost your temper more in the last 6 days than the last 6 weeks. But how do we turn the disappointments into discipleship moments?

Broken toys

The joy of presents at Christmas is beautiful. Our kids are grateful. They don't get obsessed with their toys at all. And they are great at sharing... Unless of course you have kids like mine. Rotten little sinners (who we love to bits!). Which means they're most likely devastated at the fact that they have one or more broken presents. They've been overenthusiastic with it, or they've fought over it with a sibling. But either way, you've got to pick up the pieces of a broken heart. What can you do to turn it into a discipleship moment? Remind your kids that toys don't last forever. Toys can bring a moment of joy, but Jesus brings joy that lasts forever. That's what Christmas is all about. What a gift! Note: it is also a good opportunity to help your kids grow in their thankfulness. They get so much plastic over Christmas that it is easy for them to start feeling entitled. Let's help them to remember the need to be grateful, and to steward the wonderful gifts they've been given (regardless of whether it was a 20c toy or not).


Did you get to have family visit this year? We didn't, and it was a disappointment. But whether the disappointment was ruined plans or cousins having to go home at the end of a fun visit, the kids can get upset at the thought of saying goodbye (or not getting to say hello!). What an opportunity for discipleship! Because of Christmas time (and Easter), there is someone we never have to say goodbye to again! If we trust in Jesus we never have to say goodbye to God again. We get to have eternal life with him. That lasts forever, and the good times never end! Even better than our Christmas parties (or way better than our cancelled ones!).

Packing down

The time comes to pull down the Christmas tree, the lights and the paper chains. The sad news for us all is the end of the festive season. The Christmas playlist should probably stop now. What doesn't have to end, is the joy that comes from the gospel. Yes, we particularly celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas, but it doesn't have to be limited to December. We get to celebrate Jesus all year round. Let your kids see your joy at the prospect of having eternal life with him. Get pumped up as you read the Bible with them.

Spread the love

Use the new year to come up with a physical list of people the family (and individual kids) can share the good news of Jesus with. Christmas time provided the family with lots of details about Jesus, which you can use to help your kids evangelise. But what better way to start 2021? Use the list to start praying for them, and come up with plans for chatting to them about Jesus.


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