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Bible Bathday #2

Ok, here we are with round 2 of the Bible Bathday. The aim is to transform one bathtime a week into telling a Bible story that involves water. Super fun. See the intro post here.

Story 2 – The Fall

From: Genesis 2-3

What you’ll need:

Water in the bath

What we’ll do:

Look at the garden of Eden and how God filled it with life. But we will look at how when we choose sin, we choose death. Jesus came to bring life again.

Let’s do it (a possible script):

Get kids in the bath

Did you know the Bible tells us a story about what things were like after God first made the world? Do you reckon God filled the world with life or death? He filled it with life! Every time you say the word life – get the kids to cheer!

Now God made a man called Adam. And guess what he did? He brought him to life (cheer!). And he did it by breathing the breath of life (cheer!) into his lungs. Kids breathe out a really big breath. God also made a woman called Eve. She became Adam’s husband.

And God planted this amazing garden. It was called the garden of Eden. And it was full of life (cheer!). It had every kind of fruit tree you could imagine. What kind of fruit will you pick? Kids pretend eating fruit. And it had the most wondrous tree in the middle. It was called the Tree of Life (cheer!). This tree was in the middle of the garden, and if you ate from it, it meant you would just be full of life (cheer!). Get the kids to pretend eating from the tree of life.

And do you know what? God was so happy that Adam and Eve got to eat from the tree of life (cheer!) that he didn’t want it to end. So to make sure the tree of life (cheer!) stayed alive, he made a massive river flow through the garden, watering the tree all the time.

Get the kids to swish the water in a way that gets it flowing.

But there was also another tree in the middle of the garden – right next to the first one. It was called the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. And God told Adam that people weren’t allowed to eat from it. Because if they did, it was like they were choosing to be God, and so rather than getting the life (cheer!) that God was giving them, they would die instead.

Actually do you know what that would be like? It would be like doing a poo in the bath. What is the bath supposed to do? That’s right – make you clean. But what would a poo in the bath do? Make it super dirty and gross. Now your mum/dad/whoever it is, is in charge right? Do you think they want you to do a poo in the bath? Of course not. Cos if you did a poo in the bath, it would make the water gross, and instead of getting clean you would get dirty. If Adam and Eve ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, instead of getting life (cheer!), they would get death. And that is even worse than a poo in the bath, because that stops them from being friends with God forever. Life (cheer!) with God is amazing, it’s a much better choice!

But Adam and Eve didn’t obey God. They tried to make themselves like God by eating from the tree they weren’t supposed to. They sinned. And so they couldn’t keep eating from the tree of life (boo!). Get the kids to pull the plug out of the bath to represent losing the tree of life.

Jesus link

And do you know what? We are all like Adam and Eve. The Bible says we all sin too. Just like them, I sin. You sin. Everyone sins. We all pretend that we are like God, when we’re not God. We try to live like we are in charge. And so instead of the eternal life (cheer!) we could have had, we deserve death. But that’s why Jesus came. He always lived with God in charge. But instead of getting life (cheer!), like he deserved, he got death instead. And he died so that he could give us life (cheer!) again.

Extra ideas for keen beans

  1. Put a lego/duplo tree in the middle of the bath

  2. For the super brave – ask any of your kids if they need to do a poo… (you gotta be game, but what an illustration it would be!)

I would love to hear from you about what did and didn’t work!


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