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Bible Bathday #1

So welcome to the first edition of Bible Bathday. The aim is to transform one bathtime a week into telling a Bible story that involves water. Super fun. See the intro post here.

Story 1 – Creation

From: Genesis 1:1-2:3

What you’ll need:

Water in the bath + some animal bath toys

What we’ll do:

Go through each stage of creation. The kids will get to act out a bunch of it. Then they will rest – which means they get to enjoy the creation (AKA play in the bath). The link to Jesus is that he is the one who did the making.

Let’s do it (a possible script)

Get kids in the bath

Ok kids – we’re going to talk about when God made the world today. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. And the Bible explains it like there was nothing but water and darkness. Turn the light off. Wow it’s pretty crazy in here now. It’s chaos! But it says his Spirit hovered over the waters.

Kids hover their hands over the water

Then God said, “let there be light”, and there was light! Turn the light on. And God made the sky and the ocean. Can you see the ocean? Can you see the air above it? (Haha – no you can’t see air, but it’s there and God made it). Then God moved the seas apart so that land appeared.

Kids move the water around and poke their knees and toes out of the water to form islands

And on this land God made heaps of plants that produced all kinds of food. Fruit and veges. What are you going to eat right now?

Kids pretend picking and eating some food.

Then God made the sun, moon and stars. He made the birds. Kids make birds with their hands – and don’t forget the sounds! He made the fish in the water. Kids swim their hands through the water like fish. (If you have fish toys, pull them out now) He made land animals. What animal are you going to pretend to be? Kids make different animal sounds. (If you have animal toys, pull them out now)

And finally he made something the be like him. To be in his image. He made a man and he made a woman. He made humans. He made you and me. We are made by him. We look after the world for him. We are loved by him. And we should thank him.

Jesus Link

But before we thank God for these things he made – do you remember how God just said “let there be light” and the light came on? Well do you know who it was who turned the light on? It was Jesus! When God said, “let there be light” Jesus made the light. When God said, “let there be land” Jesus made the land. When God said, “let there be (insert kids’ names)” Jesus made you. How amazing is it that after he made everything, he became part of what he had made to die for us! Jesus is the best!

Thank God with the kids for making a great world and for Jesus

And at the end of creating the world, God rested. That doesn’t mean he had a sleep. It means he enjoyed his good creation. So the good news for us, is that you get to have a bit of time to play in the bath now.

Extra ideas for keen beans

  1. Learn Genesis 1:1 as a memory verse

  2. Bring lego/duplo into the bath to make the land

  3. Genesis talks about how God made humans male and female. This is a great opportunity to talk about sexuality with your kids. They’re already naked – so it’s easy to talk about the important differences between male and female. It is never too early to start talking about this stuff – but it can all too easily end up being too late.

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