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A Question For Your Wife

Hey Dads. Just a reminder – you are responsible for the spiritual upbringing of your kids. It’s big. It’s weighty. But Paul tells us that by God’s power that is at work in us (that means at work in YOU), he is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine (Eph 3:20). So this is doable for us! Now here is an incredibly short post to give you some direction, and all it is, is a question for your wife (or another appropriate person who is involved in your kids' lives).

How are our kids going spiritually?

This is a super short question. Easy to ask. Harder to answer. And to be honest, what the answer is doesn’t matter yet! Asking the question is what is important for now. And over time the answer will really start to form and become important. But what this question does, is get you and your missus talking about your kids’ spiritual lives. You may not know how to approach an answer to that question – but just thinking about them spiritually, and together, will be incredibly helpful. You can even change the wording of the question if you want. Are our kids in the kingdom? Do they trust Jesus? Do they like church? Are they getting to know the Bible better? What questions do they have for/about God? Do they love Jesus? Are they on track to keep following Jesus for the rest of their lives?

Lot’s of question options. But you and your wife talking about them together will be helpful for the both of you, she will love it, and the kids will benefit. Whack it in your calendar to do every few weeks. Doesn’t have to be a huge convo, and it will get easier the more you do it. But start doing it today and your family will reap the benefits forever.


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